Finding the groove & staying in it…

Perhaps the hardest part of trying something new (or re-starting?) is finding the groove & staying in it. Don’t you agree?

This last year was a whirlwind year & not a lot of room to start any kind of routine. Now that the month of February is hear, there’s a bit of a pattern starting & it feels good. Sales on Etsy are becoming regular. (Needing to restock my clear tape for packaging!!) Am making myself spend time in the afternoons & evenings to keep up on inventory. (Phew!)  Now all I need to do is review this year’s Show & Event schedule & get more dates set in stone.

Here’s what’s in the line-up so far for 2011:

  • Gallery Show @ Wise Designz – the month of February with Artist Reception on Feb. 19th
  • Valentine’s Day Artisan Showcase @ Cascade People’s Center near South Lake Union – Feb. 12th
  • Artist Garage Sale – downtown Everett – date TBD
  • Mill Creek Festival – Summer

Stay tuned for more…



I appreciate your comments. ~Angie

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