Growing into your Artistic Skin…

Today seemed like every other day at the Gym… check in, grab a locker, scout out the best Elliptical that has the TV screen in working condition, program the workout & start to sweat while watching the Food Network. (Ironic that the Food Network can motivate me to work out harder…)

Since we got there 20 minutes after the hour, I watch a short 10 minute segment for Rachel Ray’s “30 Minute Meal”. I nearly turned it off it was soooooo dull. Where was her spunk I was used to watching? Then it hit me, it was a show from her early days… the pre-married Rachel Ray. Great recipes & preparation techniques, but not much spunk, or camera interaction.  The next 30 minute segment featured her in a more recent light – bubbly, gesticulating to the camera, giggling to herself. Much more entertaining!  Even tho mushrooms make me sick, I couldn’t help but watch the whole episode! She had grown into her Artistic Skin and it showed.

The more I thought about this, the more I began to reflect upon my journey as a Photographer & “Bling” Artist. One can become quite compliant & resolved in their own creations & talents. Not ever pushing themselves to get better – but happy with status quo. Not me, buddy. Recently I’ve been reading more technique books on working with my light-meter & practicing those on my last few photo shoots. Can honestly say that it’s made a difference in dealing with back light & snow shots. Have also been challenging myself to use up-cycle materials & design patterns with my Wanna-B-RockStar inventions and to post new products more frequently on Etsy.

The outcome – a more balanced Photograph; and more on-line &  Wholesale sales for Wine Charms & Zipper Pulls!

What are you doing to grow into your Artistic Skin???


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Three Wise Men & a tourist!

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