Which tastes better – the Turtle or the Rabbit???

Once again, dear readers, I come to you with inspiration from the Food Network Channel & my local gym. Pumping up & down on the pedals of the Elliptical trainer is so much more tolerable while watching top re-known chefs make delectable recipes! Trust me on this…

So, imagine watching Rachel Ray painstakingly chopping up the onions, and the celery, and tomatoes… all in real time… and during the break, I KNOW she is forming her meatloaf patties – shaping them like her grandmother before her did – and cooking them slowly in the oven behind her. Fast forward to Guy Fieri… big appetite, large personality, super fun to watch! (Love the spiky hair; not to mention his race-car striped frig & messy counter-tops when he cooks) He’s buzzing thru the recipe. Not in 30 minutes, but a condensed 27 to 30 minutes for television. His knives are flashing thru the veggies. His “fish monger” has de-veined & de-tailed his shrimp for him. He has grilled the papaya sometime off camera & has it ready in a dish beside him. And what about the rice? He said it took a l-o-n-g time to prepare & yet we see the sped up version for this delightful show.

Then it hit me… like our childhood fables teach us, what is better??  To be the quick rabbit or the slow-n-steady tortoise? Now I’m not saying Guy is our friend the rabbit and Rachel is a tortoise… but I’m hoping you can get the simile that is taking place in my brain? I’m trying to remind myself that the evolution of my Art is like the slow-steady pace of RR & her cooking techniques done real-time; in front of & off-screen. How can I expect my creations to be on fast-forward, as it were, and become something they are not if I don’t put in the step-by-step processes of what I imagine the product to look like? OR to take the time to practice the tips from the books I’m reading for my Photography?

Contest:  Looking for feedback.  Best thought out response received by Mother’s Day (Sunday, May 8th) will receive an Artisan Zipper Pull – courtesy of my Wanna-B-RockStar line! Winner notified thru email. Good Luck!!

Thanks for reading… I welcome your feedback.


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I appreciate your comments. ~Angie

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