Sunny Thursday and not even a burn to show for it!

*Sigh*  I promise you that I haven’t been slacking just because there haven’t been any postings in the last 8 days to this blog…   been doing a bit of re-organizing & purging in my workspace, as well as reaching out to my clients to get more orders.  And because of all that activity, there was a reward at hand… an outing!!

Today’s weather was the perfect start to a Washington Summer!! My husband & I took a drive up the hiway to Whidbey Island. Some of you may be familiar with this neck of the woods. For those who don’t, it’s a couple long finger like pieces of land that boast both lush farms and fields, as well as beach front homes & recreational parks. For a Thursday afternoon, there seemed to be an awful lot of people out & about. Our agenda was simple: get some vitamin D from the sunroof being open while we drove, and take pictures. Still playing with my light meter, but we are quickly becoming better friends. I’ll post some pix to Flickr a bit later….

On-coming traffic!

This shot was taken while walking across Deception Pass. It can be a crazy thrill as cars and trucks pass quite close to the pedestrians. Whoosh! Oh, did I mention the bridge rattles & jiggles when you’re midway over it?

Thanks for tuning in. More later!



I appreciate your comments. ~Angie

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