Box it up before I eat it!

Summer is less than a week away and I’ve finally done the last of Spring cleaning in my Art Room upstairs. Hmmm, time to check out the Garage. Downstairs there’s a wall of “stuff” that wanes in importance. Did I really need that box of doo-dads any more?  An epiphany hits… “If we can’t eat it, I might as well sell it.”  Alas, another project. Sifting thru piles. Deciding to keep for community Garage Sale, donate to charity, or… sell at our local Artist’s Garage Sale!

As some of you may have seen in my previous posting, Everett is hosting their 7th Annual Artist’s Garage Sale.  [BONUS! It’s a great event in which to sell one’s “treasures” for a bit of gas money for a summer trip!] Once again, the cats & I have spend days sorting & tagging with the price gun dozens of Greeting Cards, matted prints, frames, and excess beads to sell at a steal of a deal. Filled 6 or so boxes of goodies! Am hoping everything will fit into my car, let alone the 10 x 10 tent my buddy Julia & I are sharing this Saturday. Perhaps we shall have an overflow box or two behind our tables to refill the spots that inventory has been shopped out of 😉  Please stop by if you’re in the area!

In the meantime, here are a couple new items for sale in the Wanna-B-RockStar line:

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