Buffalo traffic jam ahead!

Our family just got back from an amazing trip to Yellowstone National Park. We had glorious sunny weather – not too hot & not too cold. The kids participated in the Jr Ranger program. Various workbook activities helped keep them busy along the long stretches of roadway, as well as taught all of us something about the National Parks & Yellowstone area.

Buffalo in middle of road
Buffalo in middle of road


A trip to the great outdoors really helps clear the mind… my husband & I used our driving time to not only take in scenery, but to come up with new ideas for our business back home. The biggest focus we both face is meeting customer needs.  The Ranger program is designed to ask questions to get the audience to discover their surroundings and focus on what is important to them… Ah, what a great concept!

Two Bison in Road






As an Artist, I’m wanting to learn about my customer & discover what their artistic taste is. If I can take a “I’ll think about it” response & convert it to a “Wrap it up, I’ll take it!” – there will be more success as a small business person.  The key element is to not compromise the type of Art made, but learn to experiment with modifications for the general audience that are attending Art Shows.

In the next few weeks, I’ll be readying for this summer’s Shows. Lots of new pictures need to be printed – for Artisan Greeting Cards & matted prints. Stay tuned for up-coming show info!!

Bring on Summer!!






I appreciate your comments. ~Angie

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