Life lessons from folding T-Shirts

When I first got married a little over a year ago, I took on the task of doing the family laundry activities. “This should be easy…” I thought. Heck, I’ve been doing laundry for myself successfully for 20+ years, no big deal. I learned the essential basics to separate the light & darks, and having additional piles for for towels, bleached whites, & delicates. Done! (Famous last words!)

The more I did our laundry, the more the ‘essentials’ did not pass muster. So, I started making more piles on the hallway floor. Imagine one for Whites, one for pinks & purples, one for grays, one for jeans only, one for towels, one for delicates, work-out clothes…. you get the picture. Ah, but  drying the clothes should besimple, right? Nope! Found out that there is a ‘more efficient way’ of doing that, too.

Leavenworth, WA -- Mtn perfection!

By now you could be thinking a couple of things: “She was a real mess when it came to doing laundry.” OR “He sure is demanding.”  Neither of those would be quite right. We all stand to learn from each other. And there was an overall big lesson that I was learning after all these years. And I would soon see the transformation of my lessons in my Art work, my day-to-day interactions, and the way I started planning other projects in my life.

It was 6 months into the laundry duties that my husband stopped me folding a basket of clothes to show me how to properly fold T-Shirts. It actually took me a couple months to perfect the folds & increase my speed. Now it’s purely mechanical. Did you know that if one folds a T-Shirt just right, you don’t have t iron! And my mother would attest to the fact that I don’t iron. (She’s seriously the ironing Goddess! My husband marvels at her skills. She’s taught my cousin how to iron on the suggestion of her sister/his Mom.) And even though she has tried to give me an iron once or twice in the last 20 yrs, I politely decline.

So what “life lessons” am I gathering from this traditional home-making task? For one, my way isn’t always the best way & I will gladly take on ideas for improvement. Secondly, if I do these tasks in diligence, my technique becomes 2nd nature. Also, if you take on a project, do it the best you possibly can. The outcome just may mean something more than you think to the person you’re doing it for.

Out of the laundry perfecting, I’ve taken on other crazy projects; like color coding my husbands drawers. I make sure all the gym clothes are in order by color. (Who wants to figure out the dark blues from blacks? The light can play tricks on your eyes that early in the morning.) And I’ve also devised an orderly stacking method for his T-shirts & underwear so as to keep the creases just so.  He even commented on the “perfection” and was laughing when I explained to him my new-founded technique! Wahoo!

In the same vent, I’ve started taken my Wanna-B-RockStar creations to a more methodical level when dealing with finishing touches. It’s starting to show & I’m liking what I see. Feels good to transfer over diligence in one area to another.

So next time you take a load of laundry out of the dryer and fold that T-Shirt I’m sure some of you will be thinking of this little lesson of mine. Some will laugh, other’s just may roll their eyes & wonder. None the less, there it is.

Happy December!




I appreciate your comments. ~Angie

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