Let’s look @ “New” for the New Year, shall we?

In the 5th grade, I became infatuated with the English language and the Thesaurus. All thru Junior High & High School I would write poetry, short stories, and articles for the school newspaper. Etymology really makes my motor run. (Maybe I should have studied more Latin?) So forgive me if I get too excited about looking words up & finding out the definition, then running with it in this blog!

Fast forward, here we are in the new year of 2012. There’s that word… “new”. Just what does it mean for us? Let’s consult one of my favorite sites on the internet, shall we? The handy-dandy Dictionary.com   Hmmmm. Glancing over the 12 or so definitions, I’m particularly liking how it’s used as an adverb. Definition for “NEW” as follows…

•  recently or lately (usually used in combination) –  i.e.  The valleywas green with new-planted crops.
•  freshly; anew or afresh (often used in combination) –  i.e.   roses new washed with dew; new-mown hay.
** And I really like this note… Can be confused:  gnu, or knew   
Looking towards Short Bay on Whidbey Island, WA

Our “New” Adventure:

My husband & I took a drive over New Year’s weekend. We just got in the car and head North.  The air was crisp & very Winter-y. Made for the perfect canvas for all things “new”!  Since the skies started to darken around 4-ish, we chose to drive around the Washington Park Loop vs. walking the 2 & 1/8th miles. Nature couldn’t have been more resplendent that afternoon. Broad sweeping clouds across the skies, rippling waves from the small boat traffic in the bay, and groups of sea-fairing birds making their way towards shore to feed. I felt like I was inside a Jack London novel.  Brrr… let’s go find dinner shall we?

Yum! We feasted on diner food in quaint downtown Anacortes, WA. Imagine a delectably tasty clam strips (or should I say CHUNKS) basket, Halibut sandwich, tater tots, and  strawberry milkshake. Ocean Americana cuisine at it’s deep-fried best.  We shall return again for the Clams!

Our short trip was a great way to usher in the new year. There was no real agenda, but we experienced new scenery & a new restaurant. Always a good thing to interject variety at low-stress.

Still exploring “New” in 2012:
Being the 11th day of the New Year, I’ve been exploring the possibilities of afresh and what the goals are for this recent time. For sure, I will continue to build my Art Business & new clientele.  There’s been some talk about new classes with Julia/Black Door Studios @ 3231 Creatives in Everett. Sales at this Gallery & Wise Designz have been going steady. And I’ve been gaining new custom orders thru Etsy. Am hoping to expand in that area… stay tuned.
Your “New”?:
How about you? What’s you’re “new” look like? I’m not talking about the resolutions to loose weight or stop an ugly habit… I’m talking about what’s on your mind for starting afresh? The travel plans you’ve been looking into… share with us what “new” looks like or sounds like for you!
Keep creating!

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I appreciate your comments. ~Angie

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