Shiver me timbers…

Brrrrr! The ole thermometer just plunged 15 degrees over the past week and we’re not exactly used to that in the Western part of Washington. Have to admit that I was ECSTATIC to see all the snow flurries finally some our way. My step-daughters thoroughly enjoyed making mini-snowmen in the yard. They spent hours outside making their little fingers turn red with near frostbite. Brought back a lot of memories. Made me think of those times we went to Grandma’s and didn’t have our boots… she just fashioned a pair out of bread-bags & rubber-bands. We didn’t care. Heck, we just wanted to go OUT in that snow!!

Maybe it was the newness of the snow covered tree-tops, or showcasing of wintery skies; in any case, today was a good day to get clarity. Ever worked on a project for a long time? It feels like the never-ending journey while you trudge thru it, wondering if it’s really the right thing to do or not. Often, the end goal (or answer) is the culmination of time spent in discovery. Sometimes we just need to work things thru to find out that the original idea we had was a mere conduit for something else. Today I had such a discovery. It took a big step in another direction and then dialogue with a good friend to realize that what I was truly searching for was really just in front of me… Am glad for those moments.


And now for something far less philosophical! Etsy has a lot of really talented Artisans. Over the past few weeks I’ve been taking note of them & creating what they tag as “treasuries”. Thought I’d share the lists with you & encourage you to comment, share, or maybe even find some new goodies for Valentine’s Day!! Hope you enjoy!

Treasury list:




I appreciate your comments. ~Angie

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