Art Walk is here, Art Walk is here!!

Wahoo!! It’s Art Walk tonight in Everett. And what a welcome event it will be!!

Am sure a lot of you know that the PNW has had a rough go of it in the on the weather side this week. It’s something we don’t normally deal with every Winter. I’ve scanned my FaceBook friends and read that there has been numerous people without power for a couple days, and others have stayed home to work. One tends to go a bit stir-crazy when we’ve had to stay in for 4 days. Am reallly looking forward to seeing people this evening!!

Makes you go stir-crazy after a while!!
Makes you go stir-crazy after a while!!

What will you be doing this weekend? Heading out in the crowds? Staying home to watch the latest episode of Travel thru the Backdoor? GOing grocery shopping? Taking on a new craft project?  Drop a comment & let us know!

Oh, if you’re out & about in Everett, hope to see you tonight at 3231 Creatives/Black Door Studios or WiseDesignz.  I’ll be at our studio space (BDS) for a couple hours and then hope to mosey on over to Wise Deisngz! Josey’s got some new great Oils on display & I’m excited to see them.



I appreciate your comments. ~Angie

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