Sean the Sheep!

Sean the Sheep! by AbiznessDigital
Sean the Sheep!, a photo by AbiznessDigital on Flickr.

For those of you wit Netflix,m or those of you who follow British Humor, you will recognize this creature. Sing a long now… “It’s Shaun the Sheep. It’s Shaun the Sheep…”

This woolly guy didn’t really trust me not the girls as we approached along the roadway to get a closer shot. He seemed to be the lookout guy while the others in his flock kept munching away on the grassy clumps. There were three brown sheep in the flock that didn’t make it into this shot.

We’re on day 7 of the 30day Challenge and I find my self with a camera at all times. Took this photo with my “pistol” camera – the Canon Power Shot. It’s great for those images you want to capture quickly, and for movies!! You’ll be seeing shots also taken with my HTC & Rebel XTi as well.

Keep watching for your favorite image!!


I appreciate your comments. ~Angie

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