Freaky Friday

Do you remeber watching the movie  “Freaky Friday” as a kid? [They also updated it with Jamie Lee Curtis in 2003.]  The whole premise is wanting to be somebody else so badly that you wake up one Friday morning & you are… and what we learned was that it’s not always what we see that’s what we want. Perhaps it’s just the mere perception of what we see.

I sometimes think of taking photographs that way. What my Artistic eye sees isn’t always what’s in front of the lens. I use cropping methods, lighting techniques, and angles to involve my audience into something they may not have seen if they had been where I was looking. I like to engage people into the scene sometimes. Get them engaged with their senses other than eyes. Invole a response:

“That reminds me of our vacation last summer…”

“Can we go there to see that?”

“Where in the world was that taken?”

** Make sure to check out the 30 Day Challenge photos. At the end of this month I’ll be asking you to vote for your favorite!!

Really seeing your tomatoes!

Examining Passion vs. Goals:

Recently read a blog entry from Mom Drop Box. She explored the differences between passion & goals. Interesting entry. I liked the last paragraph she wrote & wanted to share it with you:

“I think it’s good to assess your life, and change what you can in a way to make your life sync with your goals and passions.  But it’s also good to realize that sometimes, there are trade-offs, and in those times, it’s okay to be at peace with the fact that we really can’t have everything we’ve ever wanted all at the same time. ”

Happy Friday, everyone!



I appreciate your comments. ~Angie

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