3 more days… cast your vote soon!

April is winding down and I can honestly say this has been the strangest Spring weather we’ve had in a while. The Cherry Blossoms have been impressive and long-lasting. Colors have been rather bold and eye-pleasing. And we’ve managed to have quite a few warm “sun-bathing” days to tease us… can’t wait for this summer if Mother Nature wants to dole it out some more!!

And since we are on our 27th day of the month, I have had 27 pictures taken for the “30 Day Challenge”  In one sense we can consider this project as a photo-blog. There are a couple shots when we were  on Spring Break with our girls at the Coast & Astoria, as well as one sunny afternoon hike to the local beach. This just may work it’self into a daily thing for a while… can’t completely commit to it, but I certainly will be taking quite a few more pictures these day.s A camera of some sort has made it’s way into my possession on a daily basis. I’m finding that I’m looking for opportunities to snap the shutter – more than what I used to anyway.

So, what I ask of you, my fine blog reading friends, is to get ready to vote for your favorite pictures. I’d also like to know why you’ve chosen what you did. It will help me as a photographer and an artist. I encourage you, too, to take a few snap shots of your own this season. Let’s all get SHUTTER HAPPY!!



I appreciate your comments. ~Angie

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