Dad’s looking head-on into Summer

Yes! The weather has been sunnier. The kids are getting ready to finish up their lat days of school. Trees are bursting with new leaves and bird’s nests. Summer is nearly hear! Can I hear a “Hooray!” from the crowds???

And so it goes, Father’s Day seems to announce that the rite of Summer is upon us. Marketing people have branded the “Dads and Grads” tag for summer sales for decades. This is the perfect time of year to thank dear old Dad for his years of service as a parent fixing all things “broken” and for not completely embarrassing you at the FILL IN THE BLANK event.  Retailers are banking on us to crack open the piggy bank to buy him so new underwear, or a shirt, or some cool do-dad for his car. As kids, we just gave him a card and had a special dinner with family time.



Here’s my Dad hanging out enjoying the scenery in Bellingham, WA.

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

 Speaking of retail, feel free to check out these latest reductions on my Etsy page. Starting July, I’ll be selling my PNW and Beach Themed Wine Charms out of a shop in Poulsbo, WA. Stay tuned for more details!

Have a great Father’s Day!


I appreciate your comments. ~Angie

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