Holiday preparedness…

The Holiday season can sneak up on you. One minute it’s “Trick or Treat“… then the next we are carving turkey slices and peeling yams for casseroles. Celebrating and being truly thankful is so much more pleasant than just going thru the motions.

I have always loved decorating the house for the holidays. Hanging up out snazzy color accents and holiday art (i.e. a combo of favorite holiday cards & pictures taken over the past years). And it’s imperative to spend time jazzing up the tree with twinkly lights, garland and ornaments galore. (In fact, if you’re like me you have enough for two or three trees…)  Playing my favorite tunes in the background is part of the fun.

I learned a thing or two about gift-giving budgeting a couple decades ago when I bought my first house. As any good realtor would tell you “don’t make any major purchases when you’re buying a home…” so in order to have a house of my own by December, I had to buy all of my holiday gifts by the first of October! Happy Christmas to me as a new homeowner and still having the funds to give my favorite people gifts.

You still have time to start that principle of purchasing early. Hey, you may even find a great deal on something that you can use for the next few years… (especially if it’s something you create thru a website that is offering deep discounts -like a personalized coaster set or puzzle).

Let us know what kind of things you’ve been prepared about doing for the holiday season!



Gift Giving ideas from my Etsy Shop:


I appreciate your comments. ~Angie

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