Chickens in our sights

Brand new additions at our place – chickens! We now have 6 new egg-laying ladies in our midst. They are quite the fun feathered animals.

What’s new at your place?



Technology as your babysitter?

Back in the 70’s we used to read a book or play a game, build houses with blocks and ride our bikes to stay busy as children. Nowadays I watch our girls play games on the computer or watch Barbie videos on Youtube to keep busy. Yes, they still ride bikes and play with real Barbie’s when at home… but when they have to go to the office with Daddy & I, technology becomes their babysitter. Did you know that you can get a degree as a chef and become a Salad Bar Attendant in the game called “City Girl”? Neither did I; until 2 weeks ago.

Speaking of keeping busy as a child… we now have a new member of our house-hold who has taken up a lot of time and attention. He is a 10 month old grey bob-tailed kitten named Bob – yes, how apropos. He came with the name -but it really works for him.

He has rejuvenated our 7 yr old kitty (Domino) to play and be less dependent on “momma” for company. The two race around our home, chase laser lights, dig in the flower pots on the deck, and generally have a great time being cats. The girls love little Bob. Our youngest has taken it upon herself to carry him around, over feed him treats, and brush his fuzzy coat.

Bob the cat rides home from the Feline Rescue calmly.

Bob realllllly loves my husband. Funny thing is, before Bob, my husband wasn’t really a cat kind of person. He tolerated Domino (the needy, mamma’s-boy) and was starting to warm up to our other kitty-boy (sweet Sparky) before he passed on to kitty-heaven  unexpectedly. I have to admit, there’s something really ‘cool’ about Bob. He just kind of ‘owns the place’ with the way he struts in and takes rest on the couch. He has a calming presence. You can tell he likes people and wants to be part of what is going on. He has become our focal point lately.

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

The other event that has been taking up some of my time is readying for the Artist Garage sale in downtown Everett. Rain or shine, hundreds of people come out to walk Hoyt and inside Shack Art Center looking for Artist supplies and deals on inventory sales from local Artists. It’s a fun event and something I’ve been doing every year for the last 6 years. If you look closely at this picture below, you can see my booth on the very end – left hand side. (I’m in the jean jacket and have red table cloths in my booth.) This year they will have a whole new way for us to set up, so not sure if I’ll be in that same spot. Sniff. But any spot is a great place to be selling. Do stop on by if you’re in the area! [click on picture or here for more details!!]

Everett Artist's Garage Sale











Until next time!


Olympic Game Farm

Lions and Tigers and Bears… feed them bread? OK! Remember, wheat bread only. Yes, you can feed most of the animals from your car with wheat bread that you bring or buy from the ticket booth on the way into the Game Farm.

What a crazy day to celebrate Memorial Day. My husband, brother & I packed up the car and took the ferry over to the Olympic Peninsula early this morning. The Olympic Game Farm hosts animals that are ‘retired’ from the movies… and some odd others like praire dogs, pea cocks & hens, rabbits, llamas. Quite a sundry of animals. One drives around a graveled road to see the various animals at a very slow pace – 10mph or slower. You can have the windows open, but no tailgates or sunroofs. I was all for feeding the deer and Zebra. Could hang tight with throwing bread to the bears, but NO WAY did I want to entertain a slobbing Yak or Buffalo in thru the window breathing on us. (See pics below)










On a more serious note:

As a child of a military man, I am very thankful for those who have served and are still serving this great nation of ours. It takes courage and discipline to do their jobs. It’s not a 9 to 5 job. There’s plenty of unpaid overtime and many life-changing events like getting stationed or deployed over-seas, prolonged time away from families, death of co-workers, and generally participating in activities that none of us will ever have to experience… Thank you, thank you, thank you. My prayers are for you and for your families. Stay safe and persevere. May your minds be steadied & hearts stay protected. Amen!

With June around the corner, let’s journey into Summer together, shall we? Keep creating!