Digital Downloads – yes or no?

In this day and age, having one’s photography more readily available thru on-line venues (stock photography, Etsy, photo providers, etc) is essential. Not only does it help boost credibility but lends to expanding the bank account when you least expect it!

Lately I added digital downloading to my photography Etsy account. Even tho my sales show low numbers, I’ve had several requests off-line for my photographic items. The competition is fierce with photography. Some photographers have fantastic work and make lots of $$ selling photo cards, prints and framed pieces. The majority have great items mixed with OK. What I’ve come to realize over the years is that no matter how good of a photographer one is, we all want someone to appreciate our work. But let’s face it, we all can’t have our mother’s buying all of our inventory! All I can do is to strive to improve my images and what I let the camera lens see.

I’ve been posting a lot more to flickr than Etsy, simply because of ease and time. I struggled with the concept of Digital Downloads – was it a sell out to the almighty dollar at hand instead of selling the actual print at a gallery or show? Would I loose inventory control? 


This weekend – June 6th – you can find me down at the Artist Garage Sale in Everett from 9am until 3pm. [This is a FREE event – but a fundraising event is from 8am to 9am with early bird tickets.] Print this post out to receive a FREE Artisan Photo Card from my inventory!

Take a peek at a few Digital Images posted on Etsy. If you see anything you happen to like, let me know. Yes, it can be for sale. Feedback always welcome. ~Enjoy!

Ephesus - copywright Red Door - copywright Stormy Lighthouse - copywright Tree of Life - Venice Cathedral - copywrightBoots and Flowers - copywright ETSY Castle interior - - Split - copywright ETSY Red barn n geese - copywright Masks - Venice - copywright Patriotic Space Needle - copywright Street Carnival Masks - Venice - copywright


The Beauty death left behind

I was visiting with my family on Sunday – Father’s Day – talking about a photo my Mother had posted onto FB. I pulled out my handy mobile device and opened up to the news feed section. The column refreshed and I was caught off guard. A friend from the local art community had lost her battle to cancer just the day before and there were several heart-felt messages updating. My first reaction was shock – I knew she had recently gone into the hospital, but did not expect this outcome. My step-daughter asked, “Are you going to cry?”

~ * ~    ~ * ~    ~ * ~    ~ * ~    ~ * ~    ~ * ~    ~ * ~    ~ * ~    ~ * ~    ~ * ~    ~ * ~    ~ * ~

It was February 14th of last year when I posted a link to an upcoming show to raise funds for medical bills [ ]  She had been diagnosed a month or so prior with stage 4 cancer and had been hiding out at home as her body had taken a toll from some of the initial treatment. The Gallery was packed that evening and all of her pieces were sold quickly. She had friends upon friends who admired her art work – gorgeous bold colors in her florals, cafe scenes & nude figures – and wanted to support her in any way they could.  The turnout was a HUGE testament as to what type of person she was – generous, warm-hearted, caring, genuine with her friendship. There’s were lots of tears and emotions ran high. It was going to be a long-journey ahead.

Ursula & I shared a booth together at the Artist Garage Sale in 2009. I can remember freezing in the frigid wind in Mukilteo.

Like most cancer patients, she lost her hair and body weight; but Ursula’s spirit rarely was seen wavering. Sure, she would admit to having aches and pains, or some bad days, but damn that girl had spunk! She would sing praises when she felt great and grab hold of small victories. She was gaining ground, so her & her hubby decided to take life by the cojones and venture to Italy to paint. They went to concerts and Ursula started showing her work again at local venues.

I loved popping into the Gallery when she was working to hear about all the new things that she was planning. She had a radiance about her that was infectious. It started to inspire me to really examine all the distractions in my life – to put away the “cant’s” and strive for more successes. I began to release those things that could be deemed as “piss ants” (as my Dad calls it) and start focusing on what really mattered – my family, my marriage, my business adventures, my relationships. Life was too short and too precious to be wasted on the garbage.

~ * ~    ~ * ~    ~ * ~    ~ * ~    ~ * ~    ~ * ~    ~ * ~    ~ * ~    ~ * ~    ~ * ~    ~ * ~    ~ * ~

My Dad brought up a line from a movie in our conversation last Sunday, quite unaware of the news I had read just moments beforehand. It went something like this,  “A man dies twice – once in his death and again when his memory dies/thought of no more.” We can’t fret about our deaths and the memory we’re leaving behind, but we can be aware of the influence and relationships that we make along the way. It’s never too late to change.

All religion aside, it just makes plane sense to quote from a passage that has long comforted me in times of heaviness and sorrow, questioning and thankfulness:

“The Spirit of the Lord God is on me. The Lord has chosen me to tell good news to the poor and to comfort those who are sad. He sent me to tell the captives and prisoners that they have been set free.  He sent me to announce that the time has come for the Lord to show his kindness, when our God will also punish evil people. He has sent me to comfort those who are sad,  those in Zion who mourn. I will take away the ashes on their head, and I will give them a crown. I will take away their sadness, and I will give them the oil of happiness. I will take away their sorrow, and I will give them celebration clothes. He sent me to name them ‘Good Trees’ and ‘The Lord’s Wonderful Plant.’”  Isaiah 61:1-3

May peace find you today and always.


Making Valentine’s Day count with your loved ones

“Will you Be Mine?”  

Remember handing out Valentine’s Day cards as a kid? There was all kinds of themes you could choose from: Super-Heroes, Peanuts, Scooby-Doo, and cutsie cartoons… We always made our own to give to Mom & Dad. You know the ones? Pink or Red construction paper, markers, glitter, and lots of X’s & O’s!

As we get older, we (especially the ladies) set our sites on romance & dreamy notions. Will I get asked out on a date? Will there be a proposal? Will I get that Mac-Daddy box of Chocolate I’ve been hoping for??? Hmmmmmmm.

It goes without saying that the retailers really celebrate the whole commercialism side of it. For the past few weeks,  television & radio advertising introduce new  Hallmark & Jewelry commercials, M&M candy promo’s, reminders of  dinner reservations, flower deliveries… Who is St Valentine anyway & why are we celebrating?

This is what I found on Wikipedia. It’s not the “romantic” we see in movies, but in the literal sense, it reigns true:

“Saint Valentine (in LatinValentinus) is the name of several (14 in all [2]martyred saints of ancient Rome. The name “Valentine”, derived from valens (worthy, strong, powerful), was popular in Late Antiquity.[3] Of the Saint Valentine whose feast is on February 14, nothing is known except his name, that he was buried on the Via Flaminia north of Rome on February 14, and that he was born on April 16. It is even uncertain whether the feast of that day celebrates only one saint or more saints of the same name. For this reason this liturgical commemoration was not kept in the Catholic calendar of saints for universal liturgical veneration as revised in 1969.[4] But “Martyr Valentinus the Presbyter and those with him at Rome” remains in the list of saints proposed for veneration by all Catholics.[5] 

My simple advise would be, find the people you love & celebrate them somehow this season. February is a cold month, so it’s apropos to make the whole month count!!

XOXOXO’s to all of you,

~ Angie


XOXOXOXO out to my friend Ursula

This posting dedicate to a generous, warm-hearted person, Ursula. A big XOXOXO to you, my friend!! To find out more about her plight, go here:

Shiver me timbers…

Brrrrr! The ole thermometer just plunged 15 degrees over the past week and we’re not exactly used to that in the Western part of Washington. Have to admit that I was ECSTATIC to see all the snow flurries finally some our way. My step-daughters thoroughly enjoyed making mini-snowmen in the yard. They spent hours outside making their little fingers turn red with near frostbite. Brought back a lot of memories. Made me think of those times we went to Grandma’s and didn’t have our boots… she just fashioned a pair out of bread-bags & rubber-bands. We didn’t care. Heck, we just wanted to go OUT in that snow!!

Maybe it was the newness of the snow covered tree-tops, or showcasing of wintery skies; in any case, today was a good day to get clarity. Ever worked on a project for a long time? It feels like the never-ending journey while you trudge thru it, wondering if it’s really the right thing to do or not. Often, the end goal (or answer) is the culmination of time spent in discovery. Sometimes we just need to work things thru to find out that the original idea we had was a mere conduit for something else. Today I had such a discovery. It took a big step in another direction and then dialogue with a good friend to realize that what I was truly searching for was really just in front of me… Am glad for those moments.


And now for something far less philosophical! Etsy has a lot of really talented Artisans. Over the past few weeks I’ve been taking note of them & creating what they tag as “treasuries”. Thought I’d share the lists with you & encourage you to comment, share, or maybe even find some new goodies for Valentine’s Day!! Hope you enjoy!

Treasury list:



What would your Mother be Proud of?

English was my favorite subject in school starting in the 5th grade. One of my teachers exposed us to creative writing & I was off like a flash!  I wrote a lot of poetry when I was younger. Was published in a literary magazine, yet never really did anything with it past High School. Spent three years on the Newspaper Staff in High School – even made Editor-in-Chief my Senior year.  Writing short-stories and Editorials were the most fun to do. I remember my Mom encouraging me to enter poetry contests, and even once to write a Harlequin Romance Novel (- gotta fund that College edu-ma-cation, eh?)  Lost my drive for publishing once I took a few College level English courses. Grammar was not my friend.

Still, Mom was proud of me.

So now I ask you… “What would your Mother be Proud of?”

Looking for feedback:  Best thought out response received by Mother’s Day (Sunday, May 8th) will receive an Artisan Zipper Pull – courtesy of my Wanna-B-RockStar line! Winner notified thru email. Good Luck!!

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