Digital Downloads – yes or no?

In this day and age, having one’s photography more readily available thru on-line venues (stock photography, Etsy, photo providers, etc) is essential. Not only does it help boost credibility but lends to expanding the bank account when you least expect it!

Lately I added digital downloading to my photography Etsy account. Even tho my sales show low numbers, I’ve had several requests off-line for my photographic items. The competition is fierce with photography. Some photographers have fantastic work and make lots of $$ selling photo cards, prints and framed pieces. The majority have great items mixed with OK. What I’ve come to realize over the years is that no matter how good of a photographer one is, we all want someone to appreciate our work. But let’s face it, we all can’t have our mother’s buying all of our inventory! All I can do is to strive to improve my images and what I let the camera lens see.

I’ve been posting a lot more to flickr than Etsy, simply because of ease and time. I struggled with the concept of Digital Downloads – was it a sell out to the almighty dollar at hand instead of selling the actual print at a gallery or show? Would I loose inventory control? 


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Take a peek at a few Digital Images posted on Etsy. If you see anything you happen to like, let me know. Yes, it can be for sale. Feedback always welcome. ~Enjoy!

Ephesus - copywright Red Door - copywright Stormy Lighthouse - copywright Tree of Life - Venice Cathedral - copywrightBoots and Flowers - copywright ETSY Castle interior - - Split - copywright ETSY Red barn n geese - copywright Masks - Venice - copywright Patriotic Space Needle - copywright Street Carnival Masks - Venice - copywright


On the Phone & revved up!

Part of being a small business owner is learning about your tools and how to use them. There’s lots of trade materials to sift thru to learn “how to” create this or that, or how to hone a skill-set. You Tube has been posting all sorts of things from lessons on Oragami to jewelry making. It’s a wonderful reference library at one’s fingertips.

One of the tools that I often forget to use is the old fashioned telephone! How many of us pick up the phone & start dialing our customers to check in with them? I often find myself turning to email to do this. Why is it? Fear of rejection? Fear of sounding silly on the other end?

Working with my husband, I find myself on the phone calling his customers all the time. It takes a mere minute or two & it really does lend itself as a personal touch. Hmmm, maybe there’s a bigger lesson for me here?!

I have started beefing up advertising lately. This is the kind of activity can be done at any time, thank goodness. It takes a little more effort and time, but customers are seeing my products and ordering. One step at a time.

Here’s the latest creations for Etsy. Enjoy!

Best Sellers -- Gold Wine Party - Wine Charms


Celebrating a Decade of change

Seems cliche to say “my how time flies”, but as we grow older our perception of time does change.  Looking back on the last 10 years, there has been a ridiculous amount of change for the country, families in our communities, job & housing markets, the way we communicate with each other, who’s who in the the entertainment business…  you get the picture.

We could spiral into a doom & gloom approach about it all; but I’ve chosen to CELEBRATE what those years have grown me into and what they have brought along. I think about all the wonderful people I’ve met along the way… how turn of events made us closer and more trusting of each other. Reflecting back, had it not been for their influences, my Art & business endeavors might not have cultivated. Each event, great or small, has taught me valuable lessons about what my impact on society is and how my actions can effect someone else.

I am grateful for my family, my friends, God & Country, freedom to pursue opportunities to make $$,  and for the faith that got us thru it all! I’ll part with this last philosophical thought… If life has given you lemons, then Darn It! Make the best lemonade you can with the tools you have allotted to you!!


Maid of the Mist under rainbow

Which tastes better – the Turtle or the Rabbit???

Once again, dear readers, I come to you with inspiration from the Food Network Channel & my local gym. Pumping up & down on the pedals of the Elliptical trainer is so much more tolerable while watching top re-known chefs make delectable recipes! Trust me on this…

So, imagine watching Rachel Ray painstakingly chopping up the onions, and the celery, and tomatoes… all in real time… and during the break, I KNOW she is forming her meatloaf patties – shaping them like her grandmother before her did – and cooking them slowly in the oven behind her. Fast forward to Guy Fieri… big appetite, large personality, super fun to watch! (Love the spiky hair; not to mention his race-car striped frig & messy counter-tops when he cooks) He’s buzzing thru the recipe. Not in 30 minutes, but a condensed 27 to 30 minutes for television. His knives are flashing thru the veggies. His “fish monger” has de-veined & de-tailed his shrimp for him. He has grilled the papaya sometime off camera & has it ready in a dish beside him. And what about the rice? He said it took a l-o-n-g time to prepare & yet we see the sped up version for this delightful show.

Then it hit me… like our childhood fables teach us, what is better??  To be the quick rabbit or the slow-n-steady tortoise? Now I’m not saying Guy is our friend the rabbit and Rachel is a tortoise… but I’m hoping you can get the simile that is taking place in my brain? I’m trying to remind myself that the evolution of my Art is like the slow-steady pace of RR & her cooking techniques done real-time; in front of & off-screen. How can I expect my creations to be on fast-forward, as it were, and become something they are not if I don’t put in the step-by-step processes of what I imagine the product to look like? OR to take the time to practice the tips from the books I’m reading for my Photography?

Contest:  Looking for feedback.  Best thought out response received by Mother’s Day (Sunday, May 8th) will receive an Artisan Zipper Pull – courtesy of my Wanna-B-RockStar line! Winner notified thru email. Good Luck!!

Thanks for reading… I welcome your feedback.


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Growing into your Artistic Skin…

Today seemed like every other day at the Gym… check in, grab a locker, scout out the best Elliptical that has the TV screen in working condition, program the workout & start to sweat while watching the Food Network. (Ironic that the Food Network can motivate me to work out harder…)

Since we got there 20 minutes after the hour, I watch a short 10 minute segment for Rachel Ray’s “30 Minute Meal”. I nearly turned it off it was soooooo dull. Where was her spunk I was used to watching? Then it hit me, it was a show from her early days… the pre-married Rachel Ray. Great recipes & preparation techniques, but not much spunk, or camera interaction.  The next 30 minute segment featured her in a more recent light – bubbly, gesticulating to the camera, giggling to herself. Much more entertaining!  Even tho mushrooms make me sick, I couldn’t help but watch the whole episode! She had grown into her Artistic Skin and it showed.

The more I thought about this, the more I began to reflect upon my journey as a Photographer & “Bling” Artist. One can become quite compliant & resolved in their own creations & talents. Not ever pushing themselves to get better – but happy with status quo. Not me, buddy. Recently I’ve been reading more technique books on working with my light-meter & practicing those on my last few photo shoots. Can honestly say that it’s made a difference in dealing with back light & snow shots. Have also been challenging myself to use up-cycle materials & design patterns with my Wanna-B-RockStar inventions and to post new products more frequently on Etsy.

The outcome – a more balanced Photograph; and more on-line &  Wholesale sales for Wine Charms & Zipper Pulls!

What are you doing to grow into your Artistic Skin???


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Three Wise Men & a tourist!