It’s that time of year!!

Hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving and are ready to kick off the Hanukkah and Christmas seasons.

Being in the Pacific Northwest, I really enjoy the turn of the seasons from Fall to Winter. The leaves in my yard have all fallen off and made their way into yard waste bins. And our Koi fish have officially been weaned off their feeding schedule until next Spring. Time to head inside and cozy up!



Yes, my favorite thing to do at Christmas is to put up our tree. Last year we purchased a fabricated 7 foot tree from our local nursery. It looks so great all done up with twinkle lights and nearly 100 ornaments (am sure some of you can relate!)  The cats have seemed to not be that interested in it. It does put off a romantic glow in the front room. I love it!

Next week I’ll start tackling wrapping of small gifts for our girls. They will make their way in the stockings on Christmas eve. Thankfully I had made a couple purchases during various sales throughout the year and “hidden away” these goodies for Christmas gift giving. (I really should do more of this…)

For those of you looking for small stocking stuffers or gelt-giving ideas, feel free to visit my Etsy page. I’ve got a couple special Holiday only items for purchase under $10 and $15.

Enjoy your week! Stay peaceful!



Dad’s looking head-on into Summer

Yes! The weather has been sunnier. The kids are getting ready to finish up their lat days of school. Trees are bursting with new leaves and bird’s nests. Summer is nearly hear! Can I hear a “Hooray!” from the crowds???

And so it goes, Father’s Day seems to announce that the rite of Summer is upon us. Marketing people have branded the “Dads and Grads” tag for summer sales for decades. This is the perfect time of year to thank dear old Dad for his years of service as a parent fixing all things “broken” and for not completely embarrassing you at the FILL IN THE BLANK event.  Retailers are banking on us to crack open the piggy bank to buy him so new underwear, or a shirt, or some cool do-dad for his car. As kids, we just gave him a card and had a special dinner with family time.



Here’s my Dad hanging out enjoying the scenery in Bellingham, WA.

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

 Speaking of retail, feel free to check out these latest reductions on my Etsy page. Starting July, I’ll be selling my PNW and Beach Themed Wine Charms out of a shop in Poulsbo, WA. Stay tuned for more details!

Have a great Father’s Day!

Baby it’s cold outside…

As much as I love Fall and Winter, the first days of wet and cold really grab hold and make me retreat in doors. Slowly, I make my way outside to take in the sights and smells.

With December now in play, I find myself getting excited for the Holiday season!! Carols are on the radio. Tiny lights line the streets downtown. Leaves pile up in yards beckoning for squirrels to come bury nuts. Neighbors start putting up their Christmas trees and lights. People seem a little friendlier… or maybe I just am!

Been creating all sorts of new goodies for sale. Have taken a handful of Christmas cards and assorted “Wanna-B-RockStar” bling to the Gallery. I’ve loaded up my Etsy site with Holiday Wine Charms and sale gifts.  As well as been working on a couple custom orders. (Those are always my favorites!!) Let me know if you have a custom order for the Holidays. You can order thru the Etsy site or email me directly.

A couple recent items shown below!!

Am looking to hear form you what types of holiday traditions you are looking forward to this year…. drop a comment, will ya’?


Making my list & checking it twice

The air is getting that oh, too familiar crispness to it & I’m loving it! We were at a Holiday party a couple nights ago in the historic district of Kent, WA. Very cute area. Lots of fun restaurants & shops. The food was deeeelish & the company was outstanding! (Hey, how many times can you say that about a Holiday party?) It was cold that night & I was super glad to have on my long wool coat for the evening.

“It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas…” cam e to mind as we strolled down tree-lit walkways. Something so romantic about bright, little twinkle lights hung simply along a tree limb. Makes your countenance light up & begin to feel all cheery inside. Yes, it is the season of goodwill towards men. (Too Polly-Anna for you? You can deal with it.)

Crisp & cool weather!

Earlier that day, I started making my lists & checking in with the relatives. Does Sally really need this? Have any ideas for Bob? Thankfully, our family decided quite a few many years ago to limit our gift-giving activities to children & the names we pick out of a hat. We really do focus in on the food & hanging out together. It’s very refreshing. But there’s still that one person who you can never really think of what to give.

Because my husband & I devised some pre-Holiday travels of our own, this last week has been focused on trying to get custom orders for Etsy customers out before the 2nd week of December. So far, so good. Got most items all wrapped up & shipped out yesterday. Am very thankful Pay Pal has a label making tool with a postage feature. One doesn’t really want to spend precious hours at their neighborhood Postal Office this time of year…

Am sure we’ll order a few gifts on-line and gather the food items closer to the date. I figure that one or two days of shopping with the rest of the frenzied shoppers won’t be so bad. I really don’t mind intermingling with all the shoppers as long as I can blast Christmas Carols in the car.

Happy list checking!


New items on Etsy:

Sweet enough to Eat!!

Getting ready for the Holidays usually starts around mid-October for me. (Can you relate??) Big sales start to celebrate Halloween and then go on daily from there… With the internet, I’ve been letting my fingers do the shopping. Having 2 little girls in my life now gives me a big excuse to check out all the new toys, dolls, and cool girl items! So far, have found Hello Kitty Watches, deals on a doll house, and new clothing items.

Speaking of shopping…. will be having a few new Art Shows on the docket soon:
• Washington Public Market
• Seattle Hill Elementary Craft & Vendor Show (PTA Fundraiser)
• Helping Hands Bazaar (PUD Fundraiser)
Sweet enough to Eat!!

Stay tuned for details!!