Digital Downloads – yes or no?

In this day and age, having one’s photography more readily available thru on-line venues (stock photography, Etsy, photo providers, etc) is essential. Not only does it help boost credibility but lends to expanding the bank account when you least expect it!

Lately I added digital downloading to my photography Etsy account. Even tho my sales show low numbers, I’ve had several requests off-line for my photographic items. The competition is fierce with photography. Some photographers have fantastic work and make lots of $$ selling photo cards, prints and framed pieces. The majority have great items mixed with OK. What I’ve come to realize over the years is that no matter how good of a photographer one is, we all want someone to appreciate our work. But let’s face it, we all can’t have our mother’s buying all of our inventory! All I can do is to strive to improve my images and what I let the camera lens see.

I’ve been posting a lot more to flickr than Etsy, simply because of ease and time. I struggled with the concept of Digital Downloads – was it a sell out to the almighty dollar at hand instead of selling the actual print at a gallery or show? Would I loose inventory control? 


This weekend – June 6th – you can find me down at the Artist Garage Sale in Everett from 9am until 3pm. [This is a FREE event – but a fundraising event is from 8am to 9am with early bird tickets.] Print this post out to receive a FREE Artisan Photo Card from my inventory!

Take a peek at a few Digital Images posted on Etsy. If you see anything you happen to like, let me know. Yes, it can be for sale. Feedback always welcome. ~Enjoy!

Ephesus - copywright Red Door - copywright Stormy Lighthouse - copywright Tree of Life - Venice Cathedral - copywrightBoots and Flowers - copywright ETSY Castle interior - - Split - copywright ETSY Red barn n geese - copywright Masks - Venice - copywright Patriotic Space Needle - copywright Street Carnival Masks - Venice - copywright


Weekend of “Parts Unknown” & thoughts of travel

As the sun sets tonight, I sit in front of the key board to type a couple thoughts – Anthony Bourdain’s CNN show [] in the background.

As I watch several episodes, my thoughts wander to traveling. Oh how I love to travel. Traveling to me is food for the soul. New sights, new smells, new perspectives. And I love to document travel thru photography.

Over the past 30+ years of taking pictures, I can literally catalog thousands of pictures taken all over the world – Europe, the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, Canada, Mexico, and all over the United States.  There’s nothing better to catapult me back into the moment. It’s so true what has been said about a picture is worth a thousand words.  Below are a few of my favorite pictures.


Am super thankful for the invention of better cell phone cameras. Now my husband has joined me in the photographic adventures. Our last trip to Hawaii going snorkeling has me thinking about more under-water photography.  Stay tuned for that expansion. Set us loose on the world, baby!

Take a look a the re-launch of the Photography Etsy page and let me know what you think!





Trying out a new Portfolio Site

I love printing my pictrues thru MPIX. Recently they sent me a link to their new website hosting platform called Zenfolio. Thought I’d upload a handful of images and give it a trial run. 

Help me out, would you?  Go to the site and give me some feedback. The plan is to officially launch by September or November.

Let me know if you’d like to see a certain Gallery. Am uploading a few of the most popular and should have more ready this Fall.


Thanks,  Angie

Mo-ti-vay-tion… say it with me!

Wow — seems it’s been a very long Winter in the Pacific Northwest and I’m ready for the real Spring to show itself. Was driving to the library this afternoon & came upon a fabulous surprise; several large clusters of tall, brilliantly yellow Daffodils in the median. The wind was blowing quite hard and they danced back and forth like school girls showing off a new hair style! I felt a big smile broaden across my face. Yes, I’m ready for more Spring flowers!!

So, whom among you are struggling with motivation in your businesses? C’mon, no judgement here. I’ve found myself lacking in that department more than once this past few months. I’ve done a few custom orders here & there, taken a few pictures and made a few uploads to iStock… but nothing consistent. Therefore, I’ve decided to take on a 30 day challenge for myself: a posted picture a day for the month of April. My inspiration to do something like this came years ago when I stumbled upon a photo blog by Joesph O. Holmes. He does a daily post from New York City (and sometimes on the road) called Joe’s NYC. His pictures are gritty and intoxicating. He truly sponsors the real bowels of NYC in his images. I recently went back onto his photo blog site and began to gather a bit of inspiration. Not sure what I’ll be posting, but you can be sure I’ll get some in-put from the “fans” on May Day this year.

Therefore, if you haven’t done so already, make sure you RSS my daily photo posting. Details to come on April 1st. Pssst, April 1st, April Fool’s Day, will be the first day of my 45th year on this big planet of ours. No joke.

In the interim, leave a comment on your plan for Spring-time motivation for all of us to get inspired!



Art Walk is here, Art Walk is here!!

Wahoo!! It’s Art Walk tonight in Everett. And what a welcome event it will be!!

Am sure a lot of you know that the PNW has had a rough go of it in the on the weather side this week. It’s something we don’t normally deal with every Winter. I’ve scanned my FaceBook friends and read that there has been numerous people without power for a couple days, and others have stayed home to work. One tends to go a bit stir-crazy when we’ve had to stay in for 4 days. Am reallly looking forward to seeing people this evening!!

Makes you go stir-crazy after a while!!
Makes you go stir-crazy after a while!!

What will you be doing this weekend? Heading out in the crowds? Staying home to watch the latest episode of Travel thru the Backdoor? GOing grocery shopping? Taking on a new craft project?  Drop a comment & let us know!

Oh, if you’re out & about in Everett, hope to see you tonight at 3231 Creatives/Black Door Studios or WiseDesignz.  I’ll be at our studio space (BDS) for a couple hours and then hope to mosey on over to Wise Deisngz! Josey’s got some new great Oils on display & I’m excited to see them.


Sunny Thursday and not even a burn to show for it!

*Sigh*  I promise you that I haven’t been slacking just because there haven’t been any postings in the last 8 days to this blog…   been doing a bit of re-organizing & purging in my workspace, as well as reaching out to my clients to get more orders.  And because of all that activity, there was a reward at hand… an outing!!

Today’s weather was the perfect start to a Washington Summer!! My husband & I took a drive up the hiway to Whidbey Island. Some of you may be familiar with this neck of the woods. For those who don’t, it’s a couple long finger like pieces of land that boast both lush farms and fields, as well as beach front homes & recreational parks. For a Thursday afternoon, there seemed to be an awful lot of people out & about. Our agenda was simple: get some vitamin D from the sunroof being open while we drove, and take pictures. Still playing with my light meter, but we are quickly becoming better friends. I’ll post some pix to Flickr a bit later….

On-coming traffic!

This shot was taken while walking across Deception Pass. It can be a crazy thrill as cars and trucks pass quite close to the pedestrians. Whoosh! Oh, did I mention the bridge rattles & jiggles when you’re midway over it?

Thanks for tuning in. More later!