Olympic Game Farm

Lions and Tigers and Bears… feed them bread? OK! Remember, wheat bread only. Yes, you can feed most of the animals from your car with wheat bread that you bring or buy from the ticket booth on the way into the Game Farm.

What a crazy day to celebrate Memorial Day. My husband, brother & I packed up the car and took the ferry over to the Olympic Peninsula early this morning. The Olympic Game Farm hosts animals that are ‘retired’ from the movies… and some odd others like praire dogs, pea cocks & hens, rabbits, llamas. Quite a sundry of animals. One drives around a graveled road to see the various animals at a very slow pace – 10mph or slower. You can have the windows open, but no tailgates or sunroofs. I was all for feeding the deer and Zebra. Could hang tight with throwing bread to the bears, but NO WAY did I want to entertain a slobbing Yak or Buffalo in thru the window breathing on us. (See pics below)










On a more serious note:

As a child of a military man, I am very thankful for those who have served and are still serving this great nation of ours. It takes courage and discipline to do their jobs. It’s not a 9 to 5 job. There’s plenty of unpaid overtime and many life-changing events like getting stationed or deployed over-seas, prolonged time away from families, death of co-workers, and generally participating in activities that none of us will ever have to experience… Thank you, thank you, thank you. My prayers are for you and for your families. Stay safe and persevere. May your minds be steadied & hearts stay protected. Amen!

With June around the corner, let’s journey into Summer together, shall we? Keep creating!