Digital Downloads – yes or no?

In this day and age, having one’s photography more readily available thru on-line venues (stock photography, Etsy, photo providers, etc) is essential. Not only does it help boost credibility but lends to expanding the bank account when you least expect it!

Lately I added digital downloading to my photography Etsy account. Even tho my sales show low numbers, I’ve had several requests off-line for my photographic items. The competition is fierce with photography. Some photographers have fantastic work and make lots of $$ selling photo cards, prints and framed pieces. The majority have great items mixed with OK. What I’ve come to realize over the years is that no matter how good of a photographer one is, we all want someone to appreciate our work. But let’s face it, we all can’t have our mother’s buying all of our inventory! All I can do is to strive to improve my images and what I let the camera lens see.

I’ve been posting a lot more to flickr than Etsy, simply because of ease and time. I struggled with the concept of Digital Downloads – was it a sell out to the almighty dollar at hand instead of selling the actual print at a gallery or show? Would I loose inventory control? 


This weekend – June 6th – you can find me down at the Artist Garage Sale in Everett from 9am until 3pm. [This is a FREE event – but a fundraising event is from 8am to 9am with early bird tickets.] Print this post out to receive a FREE Artisan Photo Card from my inventory!

Take a peek at a few Digital Images posted on Etsy. If you see anything you happen to like, let me know. Yes, it can be for sale. Feedback always welcome. ~Enjoy!

Ephesus - copywright Red Door - copywright Stormy Lighthouse - copywright Tree of Life - Venice Cathedral - copywrightBoots and Flowers - copywright ETSY Castle interior - - Split - copywright ETSY Red barn n geese - copywright Masks - Venice - copywright Patriotic Space Needle - copywright Street Carnival Masks - Venice - copywright


Baby it’s cold outside…

As much as I love Fall and Winter, the first days of wet and cold really grab hold and make me retreat in doors. Slowly, I make my way outside to take in the sights and smells.

With December now in play, I find myself getting excited for the Holiday season!! Carols are on the radio. Tiny lights line the streets downtown. Leaves pile up in yards beckoning for squirrels to come bury nuts. Neighbors start putting up their Christmas trees and lights. People seem a little friendlier… or maybe I just am!

Been creating all sorts of new goodies for sale. Have taken a handful of Christmas cards and assorted “Wanna-B-RockStar” bling to the Gallery. I’ve loaded up my Etsy site with Holiday Wine Charms and sale gifts.  As well as been working on a couple custom orders. (Those are always my favorites!!) Let me know if you have a custom order for the Holidays. You can order thru the Etsy site or email me directly.

A couple recent items shown below!!

Am looking to hear form you what types of holiday traditions you are looking forward to this year…. drop a comment, will ya’?


Art Walk is here, Art Walk is here!!

Wahoo!! It’s Art Walk tonight in Everett. And what a welcome event it will be!!

Am sure a lot of you know that the PNW has had a rough go of it in the on the weather side this week. It’s something we don’t normally deal with every Winter. I’ve scanned my FaceBook friends and read that there has been numerous people without power for a couple days, and others have stayed home to work. One tends to go a bit stir-crazy when we’ve had to stay in for 4 days. Am reallly looking forward to seeing people this evening!!

Makes you go stir-crazy after a while!!
Makes you go stir-crazy after a while!!

What will you be doing this weekend? Heading out in the crowds? Staying home to watch the latest episode of Travel thru the Backdoor? GOing grocery shopping? Taking on a new craft project?  Drop a comment & let us know!

Oh, if you’re out & about in Everett, hope to see you tonight at 3231 Creatives/Black Door Studios or WiseDesignz.  I’ll be at our studio space (BDS) for a couple hours and then hope to mosey on over to Wise Deisngz! Josey’s got some new great Oils on display & I’m excited to see them.


Shiver me timbers…

Brrrrr! The ole thermometer just plunged 15 degrees over the past week and we’re not exactly used to that in the Western part of Washington. Have to admit that I was ECSTATIC to see all the snow flurries finally some our way. My step-daughters thoroughly enjoyed making mini-snowmen in the yard. They spent hours outside making their little fingers turn red with near frostbite. Brought back a lot of memories. Made me think of those times we went to Grandma’s and didn’t have our boots… she just fashioned a pair out of bread-bags & rubber-bands. We didn’t care. Heck, we just wanted to go OUT in that snow!!

Maybe it was the newness of the snow covered tree-tops, or showcasing of wintery skies; in any case, today was a good day to get clarity. Ever worked on a project for a long time? It feels like the never-ending journey while you trudge thru it, wondering if it’s really the right thing to do or not. Often, the end goal (or answer) is the culmination of time spent in discovery. Sometimes we just need to work things thru to find out that the original idea we had was a mere conduit for something else. Today I had such a discovery. It took a big step in another direction and then dialogue with a good friend to realize that what I was truly searching for was really just in front of me… Am glad for those moments.


And now for something far less philosophical! Etsy has a lot of really talented Artisans. Over the past few weeks I’ve been taking note of them & creating what they tag as “treasuries”. Thought I’d share the lists with you & encourage you to comment, share, or maybe even find some new goodies for Valentine’s Day!! Hope you enjoy!

Treasury list:



Let’s look @ “New” for the New Year, shall we?

In the 5th grade, I became infatuated with the English language and the Thesaurus. All thru Junior High & High School I would write poetry, short stories, and articles for the school newspaper. Etymology really makes my motor run. (Maybe I should have studied more Latin?) So forgive me if I get too excited about looking words up & finding out the definition, then running with it in this blog!

Fast forward, here we are in the new year of 2012. There’s that word… “new”. Just what does it mean for us? Let’s consult one of my favorite sites on the internet, shall we? The handy-dandy   Hmmmm. Glancing over the 12 or so definitions, I’m particularly liking how it’s used as an adverb. Definition for “NEW” as follows…

•  recently or lately (usually used in combination) –  i.e.  The valleywas green with new-planted crops.
•  freshly; anew or afresh (often used in combination) –  i.e.   roses new washed with dew; new-mown hay.
** And I really like this note… Can be confused:  gnu, or knew   
Looking towards Short Bay on Whidbey Island, WA

Our “New” Adventure:

My husband & I took a drive over New Year’s weekend. We just got in the car and head North.  The air was crisp & very Winter-y. Made for the perfect canvas for all things “new”!  Since the skies started to darken around 4-ish, we chose to drive around the Washington Park Loop vs. walking the 2 & 1/8th miles. Nature couldn’t have been more resplendent that afternoon. Broad sweeping clouds across the skies, rippling waves from the small boat traffic in the bay, and groups of sea-fairing birds making their way towards shore to feed. I felt like I was inside a Jack London novel.  Brrr… let’s go find dinner shall we?

Yum! We feasted on diner food in quaint downtown Anacortes, WA. Imagine a delectably tasty clam strips (or should I say CHUNKS) basket, Halibut sandwich, tater tots, and  strawberry milkshake. Ocean Americana cuisine at it’s deep-fried best.  We shall return again for the Clams!

Our short trip was a great way to usher in the new year. There was no real agenda, but we experienced new scenery & a new restaurant. Always a good thing to interject variety at low-stress.

Still exploring “New” in 2012:
Being the 11th day of the New Year, I’ve been exploring the possibilities of afresh and what the goals are for this recent time. For sure, I will continue to build my Art Business & new clientele.  There’s been some talk about new classes with Julia/Black Door Studios @ 3231 Creatives in Everett. Sales at this Gallery & Wise Designz have been going steady. And I’ve been gaining new custom orders thru Etsy. Am hoping to expand in that area… stay tuned.
Your “New”?:
How about you? What’s you’re “new” look like? I’m not talking about the resolutions to loose weight or stop an ugly habit… I’m talking about what’s on your mind for starting afresh? The travel plans you’ve been looking into… share with us what “new” looks like or sounds like for you!
Keep creating!

Everett makes a splash with it’s 17th Annual Artist Garage Sale!

Am happy to be a part of the growing Artist’s community in Everett. This will be my 3rd year participating in this event. It’s a great way to stay connected to other fan-tab-u-lous Artists, and to sell overstock inventory as well as supplies. Read what the Shack Art Center publishes about the event this year:

“If you are looking for a good deal on artwork or art supplies mark your calendar now. There will be more than 100 artists offering seconds, as well as old and new stock including watercolors, oils, pastels, acrylics, glass, found objects, sculpture, ceramics, photography, garden art and much more – all at fabulous prices.”

Artists’ Garage Sale
June 18, 2011
9:00 am-4:00 pm
Schack Art Center & Hoyt Ave.

** Stick around downtown Everett after the Garage Sale for Everett’s Third Saturday Artwalk from 4-7pm. In addition to the galleries and restaurants participating there are outdoor booths along Wetmore and Hewitt for the summer months.


Sunny Thursday and not even a burn to show for it!

*Sigh*  I promise you that I haven’t been slacking just because there haven’t been any postings in the last 8 days to this blog…   been doing a bit of re-organizing & purging in my workspace, as well as reaching out to my clients to get more orders.  And because of all that activity, there was a reward at hand… an outing!!

Today’s weather was the perfect start to a Washington Summer!! My husband & I took a drive up the hiway to Whidbey Island. Some of you may be familiar with this neck of the woods. For those who don’t, it’s a couple long finger like pieces of land that boast both lush farms and fields, as well as beach front homes & recreational parks. For a Thursday afternoon, there seemed to be an awful lot of people out & about. Our agenda was simple: get some vitamin D from the sunroof being open while we drove, and take pictures. Still playing with my light meter, but we are quickly becoming better friends. I’ll post some pix to Flickr a bit later….

On-coming traffic!

This shot was taken while walking across Deception Pass. It can be a crazy thrill as cars and trucks pass quite close to the pedestrians. Whoosh! Oh, did I mention the bridge rattles & jiggles when you’re midway over it?

Thanks for tuning in. More later!